10 Loneliness-Coping Tips for Christmas

How do you cope with loneliness at Christmas?  Here are 10 ways to spend Christmas that can help turn your …

How do you cope with loneliness at Christmas?  Here are 10 ways to spend your day that can help turn your lonely times around this Christmas.

  • Spend time with God.  What a way to begin and end your day … leisurely with God. Let it be a time of reflection, a time for instruction through His Word, and a time for renewing a commitment to Him.
  • Volunteer your time.  Soup kitchens, children’s hospitals, nursing homes, Big Brothers/Sisters, Meals on Wheels, there are plenty of opportunities for you to serve.  Serving takes your mind off your woes and puts your emphasis on others. Typically, you’re going to find there are many, many people much worse off than you are. When you stop the self-pity party, the real celebration of life begins.
  • Get involved at your church. If you don’t have a church, find one. I don’t know of many churches that won’t take you in. Look for a Bible study to become a part of; get involved in some of their ministries – there is always a need.
  • Wherever you live, there are probably many lonely people near you. Most churches have singles’ groups. If you get involved in one, encourage a get-together/eat-out event on Christmas day. (Unfortunately, there are restaurants open that take families away from one another on Christmas day.) Better yet – invite the group into your home. You do the preparation. Opening up your home for entertainment will work wonders for your attitude about the Christmas season as you’ll be giving a piece of your heart away to others. And when you give your heart away, it kicks loneliness in the rearend!
  • Find a wholesome movie to go to on Christmas.  Don’t spend it alone at home. Again, the retail industry is all about a buck, and they’re open to draw in the sector of the public that must be entertained. A lot of the people you’ll see going in at the movies have lots of family around; they just choose to be entertained.
  • Get yourself busy.  My husband and I do a solo Christmas. We have Christmas immediately after Thanksgiving with the family when our Georgia gang comes up. We do a light Christmas Eve dinner and then a few gifts after church services with our Indiana gang. But come Christmas Day, the in-laws have both of our daughters’ family units. So, we are home alone. I realize at least there are two of us, but nonetheless, you get a little lonely during the day, simply because your heart longs to be around all those you love. My husband enjoys vegging out and doing nothing. I busy myself with undone tasks, a good book, sending thank-yous and New Year wishes.  Loneliness dictates preoccupation of the mind. So, simply stay busy. Don’t give yourself an opportunity to think, “It’s Christmas, and I’m home alone.”
  • Take a trip. If there’s somewhere you’ve been wanting to go – sightseeing in the US, or visit another country via cruiseline or otherwise, take off. Nothing’s keeping you here. Be adventurous. Find another lonely friend and see another part of the world.
  • Pamper yourself.  Line up the day to do your nails, give yourself a facial, take a relaxing bath, do your hair, just indulge in things for yourself. But whatever you do – no pity-party! That’s forbidden.
  • Seek out a friend to spend the day with. Find someone else who is going to have to spend Christmas Day alone and spend your day together. Play board games, watch movies, share stories and laugh a lot. Again, your local church is the best way to connect with others just like yourself who might be spending Christmas alone.
  • If all else fails, call a counseling hotline. Have the number readily available in case the feeling of loneliness becomes overwhelming. If you try some of these other remedies, I don’t believe you’ll have to resort to such measures.

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