12-Step Personal Fitness Plan

Guaranteed to Improve Your Relationships

Are you fit for life? Get nourished. Buff up!  Get fit for God, fit to live in your own skin, fit for marriage, fit for family, and fit for every relationship in your life.  …

12-Step Personal Fitness Plan – Guaranteed to Improve Your Relationships

Are you fit for life? Get nourished. Buff up!  Get fit for God, fit to live in your own skin, fit for marriage, fit for family, and fit for every relationship in your life.

Here’s my 12-Step Personal Fitness Plan – guaranteed to improve your life. Strengthening and conditioning that’s good for YOUR soul! A healthier YOU is what will improve everything about your life.  If you incorporate just one a month, you are going to realize a change that will increase your blessings for 2011.  

Here’s an acrostic that will help you and your family remember to incorporate the 12-Step Personal Fitness Plan. Make it a challenge for the entire family. Print it out and place it in a visible place so everyone can start toning up for life!

Restore appropriate intimacy in all relationships – God, spouse, child, parents, and friends. Spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy is key to healthy relationships.

Excel in all you set out to do. Don’t give anything a half heart. When you pour yourself into those you love and you do your very best at loving and living, whether others respond to it or not, your heart is healthier because you have no regrets.

Laugh at yourself and with others. When you can laugh at yourself instead of getting frustrated and feeling defeated, your whole persona changes. Don’t laugh AT others, but instead laugh WITH them. Laughter is healing, but when used inappropriately, it is hurtful.

Adjust to your circumstances. Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude. The Apostle Paul was content in whatever state, because he rejoiced in God’s blessings for his life – the gift of salvation was THE single most important thing to Paul. And Paul would not sell out to anyone regardless of his plight. He stood tall and firm in the midst of severe trials.

Talk to all those you love – to God, to your spouse, your family and friends, and most of all, to yourself. Communication will forever be a key that unlocks hearts. Webby and I often say this to one another: “Did you say something to me?” “No, I was just talking to myself. It’s kind of nice talking to someone who understands me for a change.” It’s important that you DO understand yourself – where you’re going, who you’re all about, what you stand for in life.  If you don’t stand for something, you’re bound to fall. Understanding that you stand for Christ will keep you on solid ground forever.

Involve yourself in family, church, and work.
Don’t just sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else do their part and yours. When you serve others, you serve Christ. After all, His whole life was about service; I suspect He’d like to see us do the same.

Override your past.
A lot of us have overcome some unpleasant past – and I realize the degree of “unpleasant” varies. But, it’s one thing to be an overcomer; it’s quite another to be an overrider. But remember, NOTHING is impossible with God. You can override anything when you’re resting on His wings!

Navigate your life. Don’t just let it roll along aimlessly. You’ve got the map already laid out for you. Pick up the Bible and find out how and what God’s purpose is for you, what destination it is He intends for you to drop anchor. He does have a plan for you; just set your sails pointed for the right direction.

Savor every moment of every day. Don’t waste time. Make it count for God and for your family. When you do, your blessings are too many to count at day’s end. Season your days with all the ingredients to make good memories for those you love. Don’t leave them with ones that daunt and taunt, because the bitter taste sometimes hangs around for a lifetime.

Hug a lot. Don’t let any family member in your household be awake longer than 5 minutes without a tender touch from you. Hug before they walk out the door. Life is uncertain; you may never get another chance to touch them in such a tender way again.

Influence in a positive way every day. Every healthy relationship needs encouragement, optimism, hope, and security. A positive force from you exudes nothing but the best intentions for them.

Ponder situations in order to gain a full perspective and greater understanding. Mary pondered the news from God. She had developed a deep, abiding, intimate relationship with Him. She knew He would supply her with a full appreciation for what was to happen … in time. She trusted Him explicitly. When you ponder, you don’t wonder. Chances are, you won’t wander either. God sends you an answer every time.

There you have it: a dozen ways to effectively change every RELATIONSHIP in your life. That’s the Just Ask Joyce acrostic for “Relationship” – a dozen ways to turn your changes into blessings for 2011. These building blocks will empower you, strengthen you, and equip you to a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Sticking to this plan will make you FIT for life and love.

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