A Father’s Protection

How far would you go to protect your child? Would you go as far as calling off …

How far would you go to protect your child? Would you go as far as calling off a wedding only weeks before the event? Every daughter dreams of being a bride. She will spend countless hours planning her special day – searching for the perfect church and reception location, selecting the caterer, florist and photographer, choosing the ideal gown that captures the essence of her beauty and leaves her groom breathless at the altar. Copious details occupy her thoughts and energy for months in order to perfect the hallmark event.  Dads seldom manage to choke back the tears as they hand over their baby girl to the attention and care of the contender for her love.

Bravo to the dad I heard of today who refused to give the hand of his daughter to her fiancé. It seemed the groom-to-be developed a desire for alcohol and a lack thereof for Christ. The father of the bride-to-be said no way was he going to pay for the wedding. He would not give his blessing on the marriage of his daughter to a man with these two weaknesses in character. He stepped up to protect his daughter from a life that would be complex and conflicting beginning at the altar. A tough but no-brainer no for a God-fearing father.

This father guarded his daughter’s salvation. She will be accountable henceforth should she go against The Father’s will for a godly marriage. You can bet her dad is bathing her in much prayer. What greater demonstration of love could a father give their child than the message of the importance of The Father’s protection in their life?

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