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Miserable Mother…Exasperated Daughter

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Q:       My mother makes life miserable for our family.  The two of us fight all the time, and she fights with everyone else most of the time. It becomes a battle of the wills most of the time.  We both love each other, but we try each other’s patience, according to my dad. He says it’s because we’re too much like each other. I don’t WANT to be like my mother. She’s unreasonable most of the time, wanting things her way. When she doesn’t get her way, she pouts and makes life miserable for everyone around her. That lasts about two weeks, and then she cries because she says no one respects her. Then we feel sorry for her, brush it off, and we start all over again. She gets angry at the least little thing, and she treats my daddy so mean. For a long time, I thought I was doing something wrong. Now, I think it’s just her. All I know is that I don’t even like coming home anymore. And neither does my daddy. How can I help her to understand what she is doing to our family?            ~E.D.

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A New Year and Relationships

A new year. Each of us has the opportunity to make it different than the last. And guess what? It will be. But here’s the question: Do you want 2017 to be better or worse? I agree, better would be good. Then it begs this question: In what respect? Financially? Then, seek out Dave Ramsey and/or Chris Brown. Career-wise? You might need to get a degree or an upgrade. Spiritually? Decide you will pray more, read the Bible more, attend church regularly, do personal Bible studies, and get to know the Lord on a more intimate level. Relationships? You need a Family-Life FIX-IT Pro. Well, what do you know. You’ve landed on just the right place!

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