Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child

Their eyes glistened,… their voices resonated, … their expressions …

Unashamedly our children proclaimed their messages of the Christ child born in Bethlehem today in church. Their eyes glistened with exclamation. Their voices resonated through the auditorium. (Never mind that some were off key; it was a beautiful sound that pleased the Lord even more than it pleased us, if that is possible.)  Their expressions were blatantly authoritative. Their faces innocent and full of belief. Both programs presented a sales pitch for Jesus that could have converted the atheist had he/she been present for the command performances. 

Christmas through the eyes of a child is the wrapped-up gift from Christ that offers an annual freshness for the season. From the anticipation of sharing the birth of Jesus to the arrival of Santa, the joy of children exceeds all other excitement throughout the year. There’s not a scrooge among us whose heart is not lifted as a recipient of this special blessing from God. And, those of us who look forward to celebrating the season feel especially endowed when we experience the beauty in their faces.

Have a child you can enjoy this Christmas? If not, find one. Delight in the story their eyes will share with you about the message of Jesus, their love for the season, and the spirit of giving and receiving. You’ve never experienced the depth of its meaning until you view Christmas through the eyes of a child. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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