Controlling Men With Money

Controlling men.  We all know them. We all know some woman who controls a man. We also know those who …

Controlling men.  We all know them. We all know some woman who controls a man. We also know those who fit the category of a man with money who attempts to control not only the woman in his life, but everyone he’s associated with. I don’t particularly care to be around people who flaunt their money and try to assert power because they have it. Give me a man whose heart is gracious and kind to everyone, who understands that whatever he has is only because God has allowed him to acquire it, and then he quietly and subserviently surrenders back an appropriate portion of his blessings to God’s work. You show me a man like that, and I’ll show you a man who earns respect and admiration from everyone he touches.

Money. It attracts women. And if a man isn’t careful, some woman has fancied herself into his good graces and before long, she controls every move he makes regarding the blessings God has permitted him to attain. You know what I’m talking about. You can flash on a situation you’re familiar with as you read this blog.  

These circumstances really complicate life when it stinks up family and friendships. It changes matters of life, like family harmony, child support, alimony,  … and death, like who gets Dad’s fortune between the children, or a second wife and stepchildren, and even siblings.  Ouch. It can really get sticky.  

How about you? Have you been affected by a controlling man with money? Or, perhaps someone who controlled a man with money?  Whether in the home, office or friendship, “Controlling Men With Money” has impacted your life.  Call in Sunday and share: 502-571-CHAT – 502-571-2428.  You can offer your comments on this blog; I’ll share with listeners if you see fit. Or, email me at People need to understand the hazards associated with this topic.

I begin The Just Ask Joyce Hour Monday-Friday shows this week!!  Thank you for your continued support in love and prayers. Keep it up because I’m in battle for His cause!

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