Dad by Default

Single-parent mom?  Then, you’re a dad by default.  Whether your situation is …
Single-parent mom?  Then, you’re a dad by default.  Whether your situation is divorce, husband deceased, never-married-him-but-had-his-kid, or the dad just abandoned all of you in some form or another, you fit this category.  Even if you have a proactive “visiting” dad, you still have moments when you’re a dad by default. Military wife?  You’re definitely a dad by default when they’re serving on foreign soil, or anywhere, for that matter, where you can be with him. Or perhaps, there is a dad in place in the home, but he’s a workaholic or a couch potato with little to no interaction with the kids.

Been there, done that already? What secrets can you share about how you slipped out of the Mom gear and jumped into the Dad suit in order to compensate for your child’s/children’s needs. Moms are not substitute for the “real man,” but when Dad’s not on the scene for whatever reason, we must find a way to make it work. Let us know how you did it!

Haven’t mastered it yet? Call for tips about how to be the “Mom-to-Dad Transformer.”  Listen on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. on WFIA 94.7 in the Kentuckiana area.  Or, tune in to this website, hover over the Just Ask Joyce tab, click onto Listen Live, and you, too, can be a part of this informative show. Looking forward to hearing from you “Dads by Default”!

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