Debunking Stress After Christmas

Are you down in the doldrums?  So, how do you get over my stress after the holidays and … Are you down in the doldrums?  So, how do you get over my stress after the holidays and never let this happen again?
  • Make a written list of what you never plan to repeat. Don’t just think it. And even thinking it out loud won’t solidify it; you’ll forget by next year about the things you don’t want to repeat the next.
  • Don’t procrastinate putting Christmas decorations away.  Decide on a day, get up with that one goal in mind, get ‘er done, and delight in your accomplishment.
  • Make taking down the decorations a family affair. Create a wind-up Christmas party. It seems a rather unexciting thing to inflict on everyone else, and if you’re like me, there are some things I want only my hands to wrap up. But, go to my Mealtime Magic pages on my website, pull up a great recipe, and entice them to join you. No-help-Mama-pack-up, no help-Mama-eat-up!  Just that simple.
  • If you have a LOT of decorations – too much for one day’s work – and you don’t have a big family, or if you aren’t going to engage their services, then spread the work out. Don’t try and do everything all in one day.
  • Do an early spring-cleaning.  It’s a good time to get lots of things deep-cleaned. Ladders will be up inside the home, and you can get light bulbs changed, spider webs down that are high up in the ceilings – especially those big cathedral ceilings, and clean baseboards, blinds; just a great time to clean everything. Maybe not outside because of inclement weather, but definitely inside.
  • Debunking your clutter in your home and/or closets clears the cobwebs out of your head, as well. Gets you in a better frame of mind.
  • Did you know that exposing your retinas to 20 minutes of natural sunlight a day – even on a cloudy day – is a natural antidepressant?  Now, that’s good news.  Walk your dog withought sunshades; walk to the mailbox, take a walk, walk in and out of buildings to and from your automobile with no sunglasses.  Natural sunlight, just 20 minutes a day. You won’t have to take antidepressants.  Now, that’s exciting – and concerning.  Tells me that a whole lot of people never see the light of day.  And when you think about it, more people are on antidepressants than ever before. Hmm.  Something to consider every season of every year!
  • When you feel a “blues” moment coming on, stop, think about a really GREAT moment instead. Don’t have any “great” moments? Then, think about a better one than what’s causing you to feel blue.
  • Get a jump on next year’s list right now.  That way, you can shop for bargains and save yourself money.  Plus, you’ll be so organized next year. You’ll amaze yourself … and enjoy spending time with Christmas.
  • Write thank-you’s.  Either by phone or handwrite them, but instead of being blue, just write, “Gee, thank you!”
  • Have a come-as-you-are party for your friends.  Call them just to say hello, and ask them what they’re wearing, if they have on makeup, if they washed their hair, what shoes they have on, etc. – by then, they’ll be onto you! Tell them they’ll get a come-as-you-are invitation in the mail or email.  Of course, you’ve jotted down their appearance on paper so you can send them an invitation along with what they’ll be wearing, just as a reminder.
  • Get in the Word! God always has something positive to say, and He reminds us how blessed we are. Keeps the doldrums away every day!
There are plenty of ways to beat the blues! Just get creative.  Don’t give Satan a foothold into your emotions. He just doesn’t need to be there.  You have too much to do for the Lord!

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