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From the Molly McGee Owl Box to Weight Management,..
From the Molly McGee Owl Box to Weight Management, The Just Ask Joyce Hour was great this week!  I appreciate each and every fan who joined in by listening and/or participating via phone calls or emails.

Back-to-School Challenges was informative and we know the school year will present a whole new set of issues for moms, dads, students and teachers. It’s how we handle the along the way that counts.

Comparing the behavior of an owl family to that of how God designed the covenant relationship was fascinating! The same Creator placed instinctive character traits in the animal kingdom that cause them to be committed to their mates for life and to nurture, protect and prepare their young for adulthood spelled out the guidelines for His most sophisticated creation – Man.

The Beauty in Me, with Weight Management as the emphasis, met with huge success. Marcee LaHue segued the first part with tips on losing weight through Food and Fitness, Part 1, with Dr. Ashley Lankford, a well-known bariatric surgeon through the Floyd Memo Weight Management Center, discussing medical and surgical intervention as an option for weight management.

Part 2 of Food and Fitness with Marcee prompted advice on measuring ourselves in order to establish a true picture of where we are in our weight dilemma.  As promised, below are the measurements Marcee described for each of us to take initially, and then repeat in a month and witness the results of our efforts.

  • Arm – halfway between shoulder and elbow
  • Mid-Section – an inch above belly button and an inch below belly button
  • Hips – in the middle of hip area
  • Upper thighs – fanned hand beginning at top of leg and measure at pinky level
  • Lower thighs – fanned hand from knee and measure at thumb level

There’s no better time than the present to attack your weight. Not just for you, but for your family. We have to remain at optimum health in order to serve our family well. Good nutrition is essential, as well. With the status of obesity in not only our nation but the world, it’s time we wake up to the reality of no one can do this for me – it’s my responsibility alone.

It’s like our salvation – God has made it available to us, but He won’t force it down our throats. It’s our decision to do what is right. And when we do, it not only benefits us individually, it benefits all those we love as well.  We have to stay fit for His Kingdom – spiritually, physically and emotionally. Our eternity depends on it!

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