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Have you ever noticed that sometimes things look differently from a different angle? One of my Family Nourishment Nuggets speaks to that. I was shopping for an upcoming…

Have you ever noticed that sometimes things look differently from a different angle? One of my Family Nourishment Nuggets speaks to that. I was shopping for an upcoming speaking engagement. It was a time when my body was going through some unusual weight changes. Turned out I had a thyroid issue. I had gained a significant amount of weight in a short period of time and had literally outgrown my clothes. In fact, it was happening at a really rapid rate.It was a pretty perplexing time for me, actually. But, I had to get something I could wear, so I set out to the department store.

I really think our retailers have the wrong idea when they put some of those mirrors in their dressing rooms. The three-ways drive me nuts. Some of them have their value, but when you see endless versions of yourself, that’s a bit overboard. Makes me feel like I’m in House of Mirrors at the fairgrounds. I think the retailers would be wise to spend more dollars on a mirror that enhances a woman’s body, rather than those that blow it out of proportion and distorts its form!

I can recall becoming very despondent while shopping that particular day, because regardless of what I tried on, it was discouraging attempting to squeeze into what I had chosen. I kept looking in those mirrors, the lighting was daunting, and the more I looked, the more I thought my fanny looked like two collided blimps! Talk about tampering with your psyche. It’s a real battle for women.

But, I didn’t have a choice! I was locked in. I HAD to get something. I began getting really frustrated with the whole situation. You have to understand – my LEAST favorite thing to do is shop. Now, I know that’s hard to believe. (Trust me, whatever I lack, my two daughters make up for! They love to shop, and I find it torture!) I usually walk in, do a glance-over, grab a couple of pieces, maybe/maybe not try them on, and I’m outta there! Well, after an hour and a half with nothing in my hand to purchase, I was spent!

I began getting really down and out, beating myself up. Negative thoughts had invaded my whole spirit. So, I decided to step away from the mirrors for a few minutes. I tried to look at this thing from a different angle, so to speak. I sat down on the little bench that was in the dressing room and began assessing the situation.

What department was I in? The same one I’d been shopping in for years. Well, that would no longer work. What style clothing had I chosen? Things that no longer flattered my body. Okay, so I obviously had to select another. What colors was I trying to incorporate? The trendier look, rather than something slimming and conservative.

I marched out of the dressing room, found my way to another department, and started thinking more clearly about what I needed to do to achieve my goal. I selected things more suitable to the changes my body was going through, more slimming colors – basics, but timeless. I added an accent piece to incorporate updated colors. I went back to the same dressing room with the 3D visual aids and began reshaping a look that not only I could live with, but one that was professionally pleasing and positively uplifting. It was amazing the transformation in my confidence just by looking at things from a different angle.

I was still the same person – Joyce Oglesby in the flesh. It only took me stepping back, observing the OBVIOUS, setting aside the denial I was allowing myself to get entangled in, and regrouping my forces.

This works not only for changes in our physical makeup, but also our emotional. Things that happen in our marriages, our children’s lives, relationships with extended family, co-workers, friends. It doesn’t matter what situation you have facing you, just step back, think through all the dimensions of the problem, and then regroup. If that doesn’t work, do it again. And again. And again.

Something is bound to work. If it doesn’t, then you are beset with someone whose will may never change. It could … all things are possible with God … but it may not. You can’t control another person’s will – only yours. But, at least you’ve tried – time and time again. You have no regrets at that point. You’ve given it your best shot. If you choose not to change your will, you’ll continue to look at life with tunnel vision.

Got a seemingly hopeless situation? Step back and try looking at things from a different angle. You just might see things differently. As I said in Joyce’s Quote for the Day: “Viewing life from a different angle often brings a new dimension to your perspective on things.”

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