MONDAY, MAY 27, 2019


Joyce’s Quote for the Day: “If your husband wants to hang out with the guys, become one!”

What’s your hubby-hobby?  You do have one, don’t you?  …

What’s your hubby-hobby?  You do have one, don’tyou?

Spouses, it’s important that we make time for each other – quality time. (That’s not just bedroom time, Guys!) But, Gals, our men like you taking interest in what interests them – if it’s sitting on the couch with them nestled up in their arms watching football, feeding them
popcorn; on the golf course, playing softball, cheering basketball, whatever. Just take an interest in what interests them.

If that’s not happening, Girls, talk it out.  Don’t let it harbor. If you don’t tell them how you feel – and I don’t mean gripe, I’m talking about, “Honey, when you don’t spend quality time with me, it makes me feel like I’m not really respected, I’m not really appreciated, I’m kind of taken for granted, but that you’re just using me to cook, clean, and have sex. That’s not a good feeling. Just talk it out … openly and honestly, but tenderly.

And then, find something that both of you really like to do … and do it often. Keep that marriage fresh, vibrant, and fun! It’ll preserve it for a lifetime of love.

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