Just Ask Joyce ABC Resolutions for Life!

Just Ask Joyce ABC Resolutions for Life!

Absolve yourself of the pressures of resolutions. Most people heap upon themselves weighty demands to achieve and cumbersome guilt of failure at New Year’s declarations.

Broaden your friend base. Best friends are rare, and should be. But solid friends are important, too. It’s those steadfast friends who you rarely spend quality time but know your character that you can count on when the chips are down.

Challenge your ambitious nature. If you don’t possess one, challenge yourself to become determined. Growth is almost certain not to occur without a seed of motivation.

Discipline yourself. Ordering up your life is a key ingredient to success. Whether your goal is to become a successful spouse, parent, scientist, doctor, lawyer, musician, janitor, or friend, establishing commitment to your desire is paramount to achieving it.

Eat healthier. People are not invincible. We are exposed to more toxins than we ever have been. The older one gets, the quicker the toll, regardless of how young you are.

Feed your fancy. Distractions in life can keep you from enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Don’t forget to indulge in favorite pastimes throughout the year.

Guard your heart. It’s fragile. We are built to desire love and companionship but must recognize when relationships compromise us emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Honor your parents. It’s the only commandment with a promise. There is much validation behind God’s wisdom.

Invest your time wisely. People have less time these days than they do dollars. They cram 30 hours of obligations into 18 waking hours. Make sure your time is invested in things that count: God first, then family, work, and friends. Sleep is good you time, but enjoying an hour to yourself a week is an investment with great returns.

Justify a cause before plunging in. Make sure your presence on a committee, organization, or club is necessary and you can meet the appropriate demands. Everyone loses when you can’t.

Keep your word. You’re no better than what you promise to be.

Love like it’s your last chance. It may well be.

Make time for family. Time will rob you like a thief of priceless memories you should have made with your loved ones. Your most valuable blessing desires to be a priority in your life. When unmet by you, needs will land in someone else’s trust.

Notice the small things. You’ll soon discover you are abundantly rich in favor. Don’t wait to be stricken with poor health or the loss of a loved one to appreciate smiles, freckles, kindness, eating on your good china, and the way kids love puppies.

Open your ears. Listen intently to those you love. Hear what your children talk about with their friends. Pay attention to your spouse’s grumbling. There are messages there.

Play with your kids and grandkids while you can. Pretty soon they won’t want you to, and you won’t be able to!

Qualify your motives. If you pass the litmus test of pure and legit, you won’t have to worry about others questioning your intentions.

Restore harmony when possible. It’s not always simple to do, but certainly best to maintain accord within any relationship. The sooner it can be repaired, the more apt it is to happen. Time brings stubborn distance. With distance, the music stops.

Save money. Rainy days come for everyone.

Thank people. Gratitude is a gauge of great character. It’s encouraging to the giver. We may think we achieve things on our own, but there is always someone behind a victory who deserves appreciation.

Unearth the real you. Living out a passion is a dream to which most everyone aspires. Few will reach their full potential. Fear of failure is their only prison.

Vocalize your needs. People aren’t mind-readers. Most relationships could be salvaged with proper communication. Don’t confuse your needs with selfish desires. It’s always best to ensure you’re meeting the other’s needs as well. A one-sided vocal exchange gets pretty monotonous.

Wait on answers. Convenience has spoiled us. We want everything immediately, including decisions on serious issues. We even expect God to give us a post-haste response, and we want the response to match our will for the situation. Wisdom often comes in the course of time. Typically we find what needed resolving yesterday is still waiting on us tomorrow. If not, perhaps it didn’t need fixing after all. And sometimes, unanswered prayer is the answer we were waiting for all along.

X-ray your decisions. The ability to foresee the future would be great, but none of us have that capability. But, you can look at situations from different angles and weigh the possibilities with the knowledge you have. Just think. (It works for Winnie the Pooh.)

Yearn for knowledge. Information brings understanding. Comprehension yields peace of mind.

Zero in on the brevity of life. It narrows your target audience.

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