Just-Because Blessings

Don’t know what we do to deserve what we have, …

Don’t know what we do to deserve what we have, but we have it nonetheless. Blessings are powerful motivators in our lives. They come in many forms – prosperity, health, beauty, knowledge, freedom, family, and love. Some are more blessed than others in these areas. It’s not for us to question why. It’s life. But “ain’t” it grand? To live in the United States of America is among our richest blessing. Today my family gives thanks for the Troops and family serving abroad and at home in order to keep our freedom intact. We’re grateful for the many sacrifices that have been offered for this one blessing, which makes all other blessings even more abundant.

The greatest blessing, however, is that of the abundance of grace and mercy given to us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the reason all things are possible – that we can fight for freedom, or that we even long for it. He’s the reason we can love and be loved. All things are His – our money, our health, our knowledge, our freedom, our families, and our lives. Some increase their blessings of wealth, take care of their health, and are better at loving and being loved than others, but we must all pause to give thanks for the One creating all things. Man simply gets away from His divine plan. Yet, He provides, sustains, maintains, and loves us in spite of ourselves. Yes, indeed our greatest blessing of all … a God who loves and blesses us just because.  


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