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Considering divorce? Many people are. Our courts are full of couples …

Considering divorce?  Many people are.  Our courts are full of couples who can find no reason to stay together any longer. In most states, you don’t even have to give a valid reason – “irreconcilable differences” is a sufficient cause. It’s not always a workable scenario, but many people walk away without so much as a fight for their investment.

Are there reasons to work it out? Here are a few:

  • God. The Lord says you should. He gives us scriptural grounds for divorce. His guidelines never use the phrase “irreconcilable differences.”
  • Commitment. You made an agreement. You took vows before God, family and friends. Don’t walk away from a promise.
  • Baggage. Think of the extra weight you’ll be carrying around, the complications divorce brings in so many areas – from finances to families.
  • Children. A child is reason enough to stay. Our children are the ones who take the brunt of any divorce. It alters a child’s life forever … and ever … and ever … when a couple does not work out their differences.
  • Legacy. The legacy you leave for your family becomes fractured, jagged, and unstructured. What a heritage you build in your family tree when marriage becomes priority in your life. It is a great generational inheritance.

Thinking about throwing in the towel? I would encourage you to stay and fight for your marriage. You can do it. Christ will help. And, so will I.  Contact me –

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