Love Works Best as a Verb, Not a Noun

Many times people think of love as something …


Many times people think of love as something you’re in, not something you do. We believe that euphoric feeling is going to last for a lifetime with little to no effort being exerted to keep it alive. There’s excitement at the sound of the name of that special someone in our lives when we first fall “in” love. As we become more comfortable with him/her, the elated sensation tends to take cover for fear it may reveal a part of us we might have to give away. Many of us reserve that part within our nature that unbridles our heart to allow someone else to completely envelope it. In fact, that’s more the norm than not these days, in our ME-driven society. And for some, it’s because we did that once and it really hurt. And like the kid who got burned by the heat, we don’t revisit the source. So, we look out after ourselves and wait for our significant other to love us. All of a sudden, hey, it’s not the noun that we’ve fallen into, it’s the verb that’s being done to us!

Love is action. It is motion. Movement. Visible. Add all these things together, it becomes a feeling. It then becomes something you want to share, to give back, to enhance, something to hang onto, to experience, to revisit … to last forever. It’s the act of loving that promotes the act of loving back. It can’t be one-sided. It has to be you giving, them receiving, them giving back, you receiving. It’s the wheel of motion that keeps the feeling fresh. It’s the constant churning that keeps the cream rising to the top. Without action from both parties, L-O-V-E reverts from verb to noun. When only one party is acting out love, it soon becomes something only they are in.

Did you commit to love someone … you know, the till-death-do-us-part thing? Then act on it! If your love life is a noun, make it a verb. Now is as good a time as any.

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