Parents: What Will Your Plan Be for Plan B?

So, Parents, do you know what your plan will be to combat Plan B?  How can you help your teen make wise choices and protect them?  Here are some vigilant tips for you to incorporate into your daughter’s/son’s life.

1.    Find out who your kid is.  You think you know him/her … you may not.  Rest assured … kids who have parents who give-a-care want to impress upon them that they’re the best thing since grits – “I’m a great kid, You can trust me, You’ve taught me everything I need to know.”  You may be fooled … completely – just blind-sided.  Don’t take their word for it.  Do your homework!  Be the PI (private investigator).  Watch them when they don’t know you are.

2.    Check their FB status.  Regularly!  Not just what they say, but what their friends are saying back to them. Take the time to read, to dig, to explore their world. And take note of every little detail.  If something doesn’t sound right, inquire. Keep score of the conduct – who it comes from, in what light, i.e., partying, sexual, rude, bullying, violent, etc.

3.    No secret passwords.  If they don’t let you go there, take away their computer. Why are you afraid of your children? They don’t get to call the shots! If they do, it’s time for a change. Doesn’t matter if you missed setting them straight when they were 5 and now they’re 15! They’re still under your care.  TAKE CHARGE!

4.    Invite their friends over for a party.Oh, yeah, that’s a lot of work. You betcha. But, have a party at your place – boys and girls. Keep an ear to the pavement, and you’ll find out who’s a right fit and who’s not for your kid to befriend. Watch behavior; observe who the schmoozer is and who is really sincere. Be aware of your child’s surroundings and influences.

5.     “Love Sex & Lasting Relationships.”  It’s a fabulous and telling video series by Chip Ingram. Order it. Play it for your kids. Yep, it’s an investment – a whole $25 for a personal study that includes a DVD and a study guide.  Spend 10 very special weeks with your kids, or knock it out in one day.  Invite some of their friends over and have a regular Friday night movie time and study with this series.  You’d be surprised at the results you get.  I know what you’re thinking. Too much trouble?  Really? Throwing some hamburgers/hotdogs on the grill, getting chips and dip, some veggies and fruits to snack on, some sweet tea or lemonade/soft drinks.  Come on!  House not big enough?  Really?  Move the furniture aside, set up some lawn chairs inside and get some popcorn.  Make it a drive-in-movie-type theme.  Create some energy in your household that says to your kid: “Hey, I care about you and your friends.”  How easy could that be?  The series is amazing!!!  Chip does a fabulous job with spelling out the reasons for sexual purity.  Your kids must have something to combat the forces against them.  So, stop with the excuses and get on with your parenting. It’s really that important.   

6.    Model it.   They emulate you, and usually, they’ll exaggerate your behavior. What you do, say, watch, listen to, how you behave will be reflected in your kids, and could come back in double doses. So, model Christ. It’s important for their future – and yours.  You want peace of mind? You have a better chance of getting it if you invest with the right Company –  that’s a capitol C – Christ Jesus!  Invest, and invest now.  It’s never, ever too late!   

7.    Love on your kids!  Look your kid in the eye and just tenderly say to him/her: “Hey, I love you. Do you know how much I care? Will you know that I’ll always be here for you? I pray for you every day. I pray that you’re safe, you’re protected, you’ll make wise choices today and every day.”  Then hug the dickens out of him/her.  You could get a hug in return, or he/she might stand there with arms at the side like a limp dishrag. Hug anyway!  And hold him.  Just hold her. They’ll remember when the time comes.

Our kids are special to us.   There’s nothing like them in the whole, wide world.  But, they are still just kids.  They need guidance. They need supervision. They need a model. They need Christ. Will you introduce Him into your home? Will you offer Jesus as an option for them when they try the world and it fails them? The world is pushing sex, and lots of it. With anybody, anytime, any way. And now, the world has a plan for your daughter – and son (let’s not forget he does have responsibility in this!) – to take the worry out of “getting close.”

You have one shot at making the difference in your kid’s life. And there’s a big difference between saved and lost. What will your plan be to prevent them from Plan B? Maybe we should stick to Plan A after all.

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