Plan A Never Fails

Typically, people have a Plan B in place as a backup when Plan A doesn’t fails. In the case of the morning-after pill, there’s nothing wrong with Plan A.  People have made the choice to step beyond the boundaries of God’s perfect plan, which includes “no hint of sexual immorality” (Ephesians 5:3).

It’s a tug-o-war between the pros and cons of Plan B – the morning-after pill. Yet, as the controversy grows, the damage is already in progress.

Supposedly responsible adults – the very ones who have taken oaths to preserve and protect the safety and well-being of people – have become mindless, foolish advocates for our children’s immorality. From the pharmaceutical producers with the incentive of gainful wealth to the judges who rule in favor of such laxity for its distribution, Plan B is a deliberate assault upon the health and morality of our children.

As parents and grandparents, we should be storming Washington, D.C. demanding recompense for the preservation of our young people’s physical and emotional stability.
It’s amazing to me how many billions of dollars are spent on polls for elections. (I’m still uncertain of the validity of these polls. I’ve never been polled before; have you?) Given the importance placed upon electing the “overseers” of justice, I believe it would have been prudent to have polled parents of the children/teens who are potential customers for this over-the-counter, no-identification-necessary, no-age-restriction purchase. Short of a rigged/skewed poll being administered (it does happen), I believe the mindful would win out over the mindless. For certain, much more consideration should have been put into the decision that was made on behalf of our young people.

Some things that should be considered more carefully would be:

  1. Is it safe? With only eight months of research by the FDA, how is it possible to know the health risks and long-term effects surrounding its usage?
  2. Should we reconsider the unrestricted age limit on the purchase of Plan B? This means your 11-year-old daughter could walk in and purchase this. Seriously? Seriously!
  3. Will people be cautious enough to heed its warning regarding frequency of use? Are you kidding me? People put themselves in peril all the time by ignoring warnings like the ones that come on cigarettes and alcohol, and prescription drug use. They ignore warnings of danger and cautions of harm. Why do we think for a minute that our young children/teens will have the discernment to not use Plan B repetitively – even to the detriment of their health? Think about that. Is it worth risking even one life? We haven’t begun to see its ripple effects. Yet.
  4. What will be the long-term consequences of this Plan B?
  5. Physically: STDs will be an even greater problem in society than it is now. Are we not inviting more gang rapes/sexual assaults resulting in violence and/or suicide?
  6. Emotionally:  The pharmaceutical companies are delighted with this. Not only do they profit from the sale of Plan B, but an increase in anti-depressant sales will be appreciated. I mentor young girls all the time whose initial struggles emotionally began with sexual encounters while they were too young to handle it, and outside of marriage. Females don’t change. Regardless of what society says, we are designed for “attachment,” not to be used as a sex object. The “detachment” is devastating emotionally. And I’ve mentored many men who regret their “free” physical involvement with girls, girls, girls, because it affects their marital relationship down the road.
  7. Economically: At some point, Plan B will be free for the asking. It is already available through Medicaid, which means you and I pay for it. And soon, we will pay for the promiscuousness of anyone who desires it, whether we agree with it or not.
  8. Spiritually:  There’s a deep-seated spiritual fallacy on the part of the mindless adults making the decision to implement this drug, as well as on the part of those who take it. Life truly does begin at conception. When is that? At the very moment of someone’s “sexual oops” and the egg is fertilized.  It’s not just when you hear a heartbeat.  The seed is planted, and it starts growing. Woe unto those who take this matter so recklessly.

In my next blog, I’ll post some vigilant tips for parents. Learn how you can help your teens make wise choices and protect themselves. Get them on board with Plan A – Abstinence. It never fails!

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