Problems? Ah, It’s Nothing

Problems. Who has them? Everyone. I’d be willing to say you’ve had your share this week. If you didn’t, …

Problems. Who has them? Everyone. I’d be willing to say you’ve had your share this week. If you didn’t, count yourself extremely blessed. If you didn’t, don’t bank on next week being void of your share.

My week has been filled with them – some of my own, and lots of other people’s issues. When you expose yourself as someone who doesn’t mind giving advice, you soon learn no one escapes the milieu of hardship in some fashion.

What happened to the days when life was simpler? Personally, I never knew of those as a child, but was certainly introduced to the simpler life once I met my husband. Suddenly, somewhere along the way, life got extreme. Busyness became a way of life, and the busier you get, the more complicated life becomes. Funny how it works that way.

The busier you become, more people get thrown in the mix. People have issues. Their lives are diverse, yet with diversity, you find similar problems coexist. The commonality of everyone’s problems, however, is pain. Predicaments are typically wrought with uncertainty, creating an overwhelming sense of anxiety or apprehension. Before we know it, our guts are twisted, as well as our thoughts, and confusion, doubt and/or mistrust partners up with our fretfulness. Our hearts are often broken in the midst of the storm.

Even after the problem subsides, often we’re barraged with how to let go of the unpleasantness of it all. Memories. Those silly things. They’re like a noose around your neck, and when you least expect it, you trip on the end of the rope and tighten the noose, reminding you of the pain you just got over.

Problems. Who needs them? You don’t. They serve no good purpose. Or, do they? They build character. They teach us valuable lessons. They make (or should) us dependent upon Jesus – the great Fixer, Healer, Troubleshooter, Counselor, Redeemer! Ah, problems. Bring them on. I love watching God in action. He alone can take our problems and cast them as far as East is from the West. It’s a pretty awesome event to behold. Problems? Ah, it’s nothing my God can’t handle.


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