Ruth Graham – The Real Deal

I had the distinct privilege of interviewing Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy and Ruth Bell. The Lord opened up doors …

I had the distinct privilege of interviewing Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy and Ruth Bell Graham. The Lord granted favor on this rookie, and I plunged right in with the veterans. The  blessing became even sweeter as I was privileged to enjoy the  entire day with Ruth & Co., share lunch and great conversation with her regarding her prison ministry, war on pornography, drugs, and other areas robbing so many of peace and communion with the Lord. Ruth is the real deal. What a delightful crew we worked with filming this promotional event at the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) in Nashville, Indiana.

An extremely seasoned and colorful lady, this daughter of “America’s pastor.” The interview revolved around her spokesperson role for the “Lion of Judah” animated film coming out in September (you, your kids/grandkids are going to love it!), as well as her recently released book, “Fear Not Tomorrow … The Lord is Already There.”

A woman who became transparent in order to help the wounded and broken, Ruth Graham reveals how she overcame a plateful of troubling adversities. Revealing ushakable faith through God’s protection of her, it is a lovely book of 100 devotionals perfect for anytime in your life yet especially strengthening in your darkest trials.

The interview will perhaps be aired (can’t speak for them yet) on my CW Louisville spot on Wednesdays sometime in the near future. I’ll keep my fans posted so you can catch it if it does. It will definitely be posted on my website as soon as it is released to me from the production company. I love watching God kick in doors. It’s the coolest thing!

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