School-Days Reality

First day of school for our Connor and Sean in Georgia. Mimi and Papa, as is our practice, called to … First day of school for our Connor and Sean in Georgia. Mimi and Papa, as is our practice, called to let them know we love them and had prayed for their day.

“Are you ready for school, Guys?”

“Yeah!” and “No!” in synchronized discord poured forth. Sean, a first-grader, was exuberantly anticipating the day.  His excitement centered on finally being an official schoolboy. He was looking forward to reconnecting with friends and getting … real homework! (Oh, the voice of innocence!) Connor, now a third-grader, had a bit more dread in his voice. He was really looking forward to “recess and lunch,” i.e., the social times!  (How quickly we all learned that!) He spoke of how excited he was his first year, and quickly added, “Sean better enjoy this year, Mimi, because reality sets in soon.” 

So it is with life. The easy-street good life speeds by us, and we’re suddenly slap-dab in the middle of reality. It happens far too young for our children in today’s culture.  I suppose the powers to be assume we learned nothing in school ourselves. They actually believe we don’t realize they’re eeking in the year-round school program since the majority of parents object to it. Summers are shorter and shorter for our school-age kids. Lazy childhood days of light-hearted folly and high-strung spirits and imaginations have suddenly been imbalanced by pressures of our political structure.

The pressures our kids face are great. It’s tough being one today. Make this transition from summer to school as smooth as possible for your child. It will call for an extra measure of patience as you wriggle into new schedules, heavy homework demands, and a tighter bedtime curfew. Allow them to unwind when they come through the door. Talk about their day over dinner. Evoke a positive attitude about school. Get involved in school activities as much as possible. Be alert to untoward emotions; be sure to read between the lines. Don’t ignore signs of potential problems. Be an advocate for your child, but know when to allow them to “grow up” and become responsible and accountable for their actions.

Reality of school days sets in all too soon for your children. Your reaction to how wearisome it becomes will shape their little lives forever. Before you know it, the reality of their going off to college will be staring you in the face. You’ll look back and recall the feeling of their first year in school and wish you could do it all over again!

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