Sleep Tight, America!

A tribute to our soldiers – past and present – for all you have sacrificed in order for me and my family to serve our Lord openly and without fear, to have the freedom …

A tribute to our soldiers – past and present – for all you have sacrificed in order for me and my family to serve our Lord openly and without fear, to have the freedom of speech, capitalism and immense liberty. You are my hero!

The following is an excerpt from a speech I was honored to present at an event in which you, our mlitary, were honored. It doesn’t even begin to express the gratitude of my heart for your service. Enough appropriate words evade even the greatest of patriots, so this unknown patriot’s heart is proud to put it out for you to digest, knowing “thanks” is but a weak token of appreciation.   

America sleeps tight thanks to you – our American soldier. You’re an amazing community.  You uproot your families, moving them sometimes multiple times within a year from the East Coast to the West Coast, or across the continents.  But you go. You just pack up, pick up, and you go. You and your families sacrifice at great cost during your wartime separation. You miss sharing birthdays and anniversaries, the first step, first tooth, first days of school and graduation, ballgames and proms, boo-boos and grins, laughter and tears, tender touches and soft embraces.

You, our soldiers, have forfeited much. You have witnessed firsthand the horrors of loss of life and limb of your fellow soldiers, enemy soldiers, and countless innocent civilians. You bring haunting memories back with you to incorporate into a daily routine … and are expected to quietly and quickly slip back into life and live like any “normal” citizen. And you do it with such dignity and nobility.  And I, for one, am humbled at your sense of discipline and order.

You continue to perform. You rise to the cause and disperse when duty calls. You understand authority and act upon command. You willingly go forth, exuding a spirit of duty, honor, and country at a standard that is exemplified by America’s greatness. YOU are why America became a super power. YOU are why we gained respect of nations. YOU are why we are the strongest ally.  YOU are why other nations have hope for a new tomorrow. YOU are why everyone wants to come to the land of the free and the home of the brave. YOU ARE THE BRAVE!!

I represent hundreds of Americans who take for granted the very freedoms you fight for, and I represent the millions of us who don’t.

I represent Americans who don’t report the truth about your mission, but rather report with such inaccuracy that they alter the truth; and I represent those of us who seek out the truth rather than take the word of biased media.

I represent the Americans who allow the media to compromise military operations; and I represent those of us who feel we should leave such business to the professionally trained and adequately equipped.

I represent the portion of America who politically pacifies in order to change interrogation for protection of the enemy who comes to destroy us; the same enemy you fight. But I also represent those of us who believe we have a duty to protect our men, women and children from harm and not imprison the ones able to thwart such a cause.

I represent the Americans who cut your defense budget; and I represent the ones who don’t mind paying the taxes that go directly to pay your salary.

Every American owes you a debt we can never repay.  Short of standing side by side with you on foreign soil, we have no idea what you have sacrificed. All we can do is say “Thank you. Thank you for the many sacrifices you and your families have made and will continue to make in your service to our country. Thank you for protecting my children and grandchildren.

It is up to each of us individually to make the most of what you have willingly forfeited for all our benefits.  I am honored to be able to say “thank you” and yet it seems so inadequate.  But thank you for your service, and the message you send to us every day whether you’re on or off the battlefield. We appreciate hearing you say: “Sleep Tight, America, we’ve got your back!”

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