10 REmedies for Surviving My Spouse’s Emotional Affair

How do you get over your spouse having an emotional affair?  Here are my “10 REmedies”for overcoming your spouse’s emotional affair. They work …

How do you get over your spouse having an emotional affair?  Here are my “10 REmedies” for overcoming your spouse’s emotional affair. They work for physical affairs, as well. Additionally, this advice slices both ways. The offending spouse needs to work in partnership with you to mend your broken RElationship.

  • RElive the details with your spouse – most people have a need to know them· 
  • REmove the images you’re conjuring up in your own mind; they’ll only become more enhanced and distorted
  • RElease your emotions to your spouse, then learn to cope with them; duplicating “anger, frustration, bitterness, etc.” will keep you at square one
  • REbuild the honesty you had between the two of you; without sharing your true self, the other one will never know who you are or what you need
  • REstore the trust; without it, it’s a hopeless effort
  • REkindle your intimacy; fill the void that could have caused the problem initially
  • REcreate your marriage; make it better now that you know more about each other’s needs
  • REvisit good times you’ve shared as a couple
  • REpeat the reasons you love each other; hearing those often is good for every marriage
  • REestablish your faith together; without Christ as your foundation, you’re on sinking sand

God would prefer that we work out our marriages. It can be done, even if only one person desires to do so initially. Don’t give up on what God has joined together unless you feel you have exhausted all efforts.  Covenant relationships that are compromised by abuse, adultery and/or sexually addictive behavior need special attention, and some cannot survive these sorts of trauma.  But, many can. It takes two wills acting on a good-faith effort to make a marriage work in order to restore it to its better-than-original state. But, with God ALL things are possible. For more assistance, email me today. I’ll be glad to help God’s way.

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