The Big Game: Marriage

Super Bowl is an exciting time for sports fans, even if a team of their choice didn’t make it to the big game! Here at our house, we usually pick a team, get our jerseys on, the snacks out, and settle in for a, hopefully, entertaining game.


But Super Bowl doesn’t just happen overnight. A lot has gone on behind the scenes to get these teams prepared for a big win!  It’s really no different for families. Whether we’re married or in a single-parent home, we must be equipped to win. Oh, sure, we’ll lose a few little games along the way, but we have to be set up with essential elements to take our team all the way.
1)    Proper equipment. While sports teams need uniforms, helmets, pads, cleats … families need love, respect, kindness, and laughter to protect them from injury;
2)    Conditioning – not conditions! You have to build up gradually to get into shape so that you can endure the blows along the way;
3)    Practice. That means you get up and do the same thing today you just did yesterday, only better;
4)    Rules. Without rules, it would be one, big free-for-all, whether on the field or in the home! And remember: there are penalties and sometimes severe consequences when you break the rules;
5)    Game plan. A game plan is pretty important. Without strategic planning, you get confused and fumble, and it could be costly;
6)    Cheerleaders. Every team needs cheerleaders! Encouraging one another is essential for an anticipated win!
7)    United Front. Most importantly, you must be a UNITED FRONT. You’ll need proper coaching and willing players. There can only be one head coach: I’d suggest you count on God for that. Besides, He’s got a great set of rules. And remember: When there’s more than one player in any game, no one person can bring home the trophy! It takes the whole team!
Come on, Guys! You can do this! You and your spouse are in the bowl game of life – marriage. Form a united front and cheer one another on for the big win!

If you need a new game plan for your family, I’m Joyce Oglesby, your Family-Life Fitness Pro, and I’m here to help. Contact me at

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