The Economy of Your Christmas

How is the economy shaping your thoughts for Christmas this year?  Is it going to change the way… How is the economy shaping your thoughts for Christmas this year? Is it going to change the way you’ve celebrated the “giving” part of your Christmas this year? How will you cut back? What’s going to change?

People are a little scared to let go of some of their money today – and some have none to let go.  Times are so uncertain – What’s the stock market going to do? Will I lose my job? Will someone get sick and I lose my job?  We’re being a bit more cautious than we used to be with how we’re spending – with due cause!

The questions to ponder: How is the economy shaping my thoughts for Christmas this year?  Is it going to change the way I celebrate the “giving” part of Christmas this year?  How will I cut back? What’s going to change?

Many times people search for ways to make extra money around Christmastime. It may be because they live from paycheck to paycheck, or they don’t want to dip into their savings, or when they have a budget, they don’t want to deviate from it, so they find other means to come up with some quick cash.

There are some really simple ways to generate additional money during the Christmas season. Let me share a few quick tips for getting some quick cash for Christmas.
  • Find some seasonal work – UPS always looks for seasonal employees, retail stores hire more people, gift-wrapping
  • Find an odd job or two – raking leaves, putting up Christmas lights outside for people or townships.
  • Sell some unneeded items – eBay, yard sale – (We called them garage sales back in Georgia!)
  • Do some online writing – You’d be surprised how financially productive that could be. Get resourceful and get off FB for a season and put your time to making you money instead.
  • Start saving early next year – Tuck a little cash away all throughout the year. Begin December 26th, or your first paycheck after Christmas. Most banks have the Christmas Club that you can participate in. It’s a good habit to stick away your money specifically for Christmas. When the season comes, you won’t have to worry about overspending your budget. Spend no more than you have saved.
  • Search for the best deals – The retailers are vying for sales out there – from all over the Internet and every store in the mall and shopping plaza.  Shop the best deal for your dollar this year!
  • Remember to visit the Christmas Change Exchange right on the home page of Just Ask Joyce. I have some alternative Christmas exchanges that could change your traditions. Some are unique, some are thoughtful, others are beneficial for others less fortunate while giving a gift that lasts in the hearts of your loved ones. Some are even free, and you can’t beat that with a stick.

Whatever you do this Christmas, don’t stress out over gifts. Many times just a coupon saying I’ll show my love this way for 30 days, or throughout the year, is worth a million dollars! Saying “I love you” through thoughtfulness is the key to truly experiencing the power and enchantment of the Christmas season. That is the heart of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who was born for a time that would carry us through every season of the year.

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