The Gift of Romancing

 ‘Tis the season for gifts. We can’t ignore the importance of giving …

 ‘Tis the season for gifts. We can’t ignore the importance of giving to the ones we eros. It speaks romance … even though it’s given at Christmastime. Yeah. That kind of declaration of love is not reserved only for Valentine’s. When the one you love picks out a gift for you, it says, “You’re special.”

Men often ask me what gift they should get their wives. Seems it’s a “sore” spot with some women. They drop hints during the year that they need a new mixer, or would love a coffeemaker, a new vacuum, or new washing machine. Then, when the husband chooses Christmas and/or even Valentine’s Day to grant their wish, their disappointment is all too obvious. Thus, the poor guys get confused!

So, let’s help them out this year. Here’s your chance, Ladies. Choose the gift you would rather receive. I’ll be announcing on my show what women really want for Christmas. Next week, we’ll give the men an opportunity to chime in with their choices.

If my wish list didn’t include your preference, comment with your ideas. I’ll pass them on. Time is ticking away. Christmas will be here before we know it! 

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