The Impact Cycle

Have you ever wondered how you impact people’s lives?

I was recently stirred in my spirit to pray for the physical needs of a dear friend in her current battle with cancer. Kristen Sauder is one who has impacted a lot of lives. I challenged my Bible study group to set up a time slot each day for each of us to petition to God on her behalf for complete restoration, however, that looked to God – as all our prayers should end, “If it be Your will.”

I chose my time slot, pulled out my iPhone, set an alarm to go off each day as a reminder. I was not surprised at the overwhelming response from each person as one by one the hours of the day were selected and each hour was filled for prayer time on behalf of this gal. I was surprised, however, to find I didn’t need an alarm on my phone. The Spirit within me had set my heart’s alarm, and every day, without fail, I awaken at the same time – not the appointed hour on my iPhone – but a time set apart for me to meet with God on Kristen’s behalf. I’ve been able to set aside two time slots specifically for prayer on her behalf, and praying all during the day, as well. It’s been the coolest, most humbling experience, and it has impacted my life.

One of the many lessons I have come away with is that our Spirit directs our hearts when our hearts allow the direction. I’ve also learned what an impact this young gal has made in an awful lot of lives – mine included. The only way someone can impress upon hearts in the manner she has is because of her walk with the Lord. Jesus Christ continues to impact the world by His brief stay on this Earth. It was His heart for God, His love for people, and His tremendous sacrifice for mankind that will never tarnish or fade and forever be impressionable upon His devoted disciples. Thus, He lives on through the lives of people like Kristen Sauder, who impacts lives through her love and devotion to Him.

Isn’t the Impact Cycle a beautiful sequence? It can be, if you choose Jesus to emulate. I want to be a part of one – that all-pervasive energy that consumes a person’s life and offers them THE hope and assurance of a better tomorrow, regardless of what today holds in store. What about you?  What will your impression be on the world around you? It’s your cycle.

“Dear Lord, I bring You this request,
A servant who seeks to do Your best.
Not one polished, nor possessing eloquence,
Not one of confidence, nor great intelligence.
But I will impact how I choose to.
And, therefore, Father, I choose You!
May You use me, Lord, I pray,
To impact people every day.
Use me God, let ME be,
One who impacts another’s eternity.
God grant me wisdom, boldness, and grace
To leave Your impression upon this place.   

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