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I can’t begin to explain how thrilled I was to have “the” soldier return his thoughts to me! I have enjoyed many such testimonies during this brief ministry, but the effects of this one will…

I can’t begin to explain how thrilled I was to have “the” soldier return his thoughts to me! I have enjoyed many such testimonies during this brief ministry, but the effects of this one will carry me through until Jesus calls me home! I will share with you because I believe every American who reads this should catch the glimpse of the truest heart of our soldiers who sacrifice day in and day out for our freedom. But the deepest beauty of their hearts? They view their wives and families as the heroes! Keep our Troops and their families lifted up in prayer .. daily! I pray you are touched, and you will respond to this blog as you read this letter from SPC Andre Hernandez. Each response I get from you will be forwarded to him for review! Enjoy. And be ever so grateful!



Dear Joyce,

Thank you so much for your blog. My amazing wife (Jen) sent me a copy. Most importantly, on behalf of Shane and myself, I thank you ever so for your prayers.

I also want to thank you for the impact your ministry, along with Jami Smith, made on our little church. It’s a unique church of Soldiers and their husbands and wives. It is a place that changes faces with deployments but never changes heart because of the love of Jesus in its walls. Your time at that camp blessed so many lives – beyond what you saw. I can’t wait to read your book. My wife is sending it with your regards. Thanks.

As for Iraq, this is a rough place for anyone to have to endure, but we knew what we were getting into when we signed and we do it willingly for our country on a daily basis. But we are not the heroes. I find that when a person finds himself in a situation like this that he digs deep into his or her heart and finds comfort in what they believe in. To me it will always be My God, My Family and My Country.

I thank Him every day that I have a country to serve, a family to love, and Him to belong and give myself to. His sacrifice is what made me whole. In the blood of Jesus I am made right before my King. I say all this because it is hard being away serving your country in another land. But to me that is the easy part. I feel that the ones that ought to be given the praise are the families that stay at home having to send their loved ones away to a place where they may never get them from again. I believe that the faith it takes to send is more admirable than the one it takes to go.

I love my wife Jen and my daughters, Alisa and Kylie, and I am so proud of them. To me, they are the heroes, and I ask that you keep our families in prayer even more. I see so many families ripped apart by war and it breaks my heart. There is a spiritual battle going on in the lives of our service members’ families, and we must put a shield of prayer around them.

Shane and I are so blessed to have the wives that we do. We fight here with no worries for what is going on at home. I don’t know how they do the ins and outs of everyday lives without their partners to be there to support and give them strength. I pray for my wife every day because she is the cook, the dentist, the taxi driver, the maid, the landscape artist, the interior decorator, the accountant, the lawyer and the judge (sometimes she wants to be the executioner but has too much love in her heart), the plumber, the coach, the comforter, the MOM and the DAD, and so much more all because we are out here. My part is easy compared to that. All I have to do is pick up my riffle and move forward.

I miss my three girls so much (Jen and my two daughters) but they miss me, too. You don’t see how much you have until you lose it for a moment. I thank God for my wife. She is the backbone that keeps our family together. She is a Godly woman who asks for no fanfare for herself because she is always taking care of others. So, I do welcome the prayers for us and am so very grateful, but I also ask for the prayers to go back home to our families.

We serve an amazing God who is mighty and gives us so much. And he has given me more than I could ever deserve when he allowed me to marry Jen and then blessed me with Alisa and Kylie. That is who we fight for over here – for our heroes back home.

Thanks again for all you do in your ministry and sorry this message is so long; I tend to rattle on. God Bless you and the Ministry the Lord has placed before you. May He bless you daily and show you the fruits of your labors. May many come to know Our Savior because of what you do.

SPC Hernandez Andre (Proud Soldier, Proud Daddy, Proud Husband and Proud Servant of our Lord Jesus Christ) Romans 8: 36-39 Your ministry and you are now in my prayers. God Bless.


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