The Tiger’s Battle

Tiger Woods has been in some tight spots …

Tiger Woods has been in some tight spots throughout the course of his career. Steve Williams, his caddy, hands him a club, and Tiger manages to work his way out of the woods, the edge of a water hazard, a sand trap, you name it – the man has astonished the world with his skill in mastering the game of golf. All who love the sport, and those who don’t, have appreciated his commitment to the “gentleman’s” game. He certainly doesn’t wear the label well any longer.
Too bad he never mastered the art of commitment in marriage. He has broken not only the heart of his beautiful wife, not to mention quite the string of women who have been lied to as well, but Tiger Woods has broken the hearts of millions of Americans and fans all over the world. He has certainly landed himself in one colossal mess. I don’t believe his skill for the game of golf is going to prove particularly useful in recovering what no man’s money can buy – his reputation.

I have lifted Tiger Woods to the Lord in prayer daily since the first news broke of his trouble in paradise. Whether there was a sex scandal involved or not at that time, no one knew. However, the kind of turmoil this family was facing spoke volumes of a life that was void of peace, harmony, and love.

Tiger’s consequences of losing face in his career are secondary to what really matters in life – people. The devastation would not stop with Elin and their children.  The domino effect toppled not only the couple’s extended family, but the extended families, including children, of countless women. My petitions include the grievances these individuals suffer. 

One must also call to carpet the numerous friends, comrades, and support staff – if one can call them that – who knew and covered up his egregious actions for years. I have prayed for each of these as well. It surely must be quite the burden to bear. Imagine what a hero someone – anyone – could have been had he or she pulled Tiger aside and convinced him he had too much at stake to be foolish over adulterous sex. Amazing how some people think they can hide behind their money and it will protect them and preserve their reputation.

The onslaught Tiger is facing is not the worst of his battles. His real battle comes from within. Will he overcome and rise again to regain the trust of anyone, much less his wife and children? Only if he wins the personal war waging in his heart. He needs a good dose of God – Jehovah, Yahweh, the Great I Am, the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father. Only through Jesus Christ, the slain Lamb of God, will Tiger get these penalties erased and back to even par.

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