The Voice That Had No Choice

Pitino and Sypher will have a lot to answer for …

Pitino and Sypher will have a lot to answer for … beyond the voices of today. Beyond the confusion, the disappointment, the heartache, and anger that have been wrought by their indiscretion, there will be yet another voice they will hear beckoning for justice.  For a “moment” – probably wasn’t much more – of sex … mere fleeting carnal pleasure, there will be a day of reckoning that will quicken their hearts more than they dreamed possible.

My heart and mind cannot escape the mayhem of the events. Many atrocities have emerged. Emotions continue to escalate as differing opinions surface regarding who’s right or wrong, whose business this is, and who will “win” in the end. The hearts of the immediate families will be long-suffering. These voices will become numb to pain none too soon.

There’s one voice that was silenced in the brevity of this ordeal. This voice would never understand why it was not loved, let alone conceived devoid of.   It would join millions of voices to bemoan in unison a rightful choice sought to disguise a slaughter. The day will come when thousands upon millions of voices who pronounced their verdict will answer for the voice that had no choice.

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