Tiger Woods’ Sincerity Scale

The staging of his performance was transparent. In a State-of-the-Union demeanor, Tiger Woods sauntered in … The staging of his performance was transparent. In a State-of-the-Union demeanor, Tiger Woods sauntered in at an inappropriate hour to convince the world of his remorse for his gross injustices against his covenant relationship with his wife.

While the whole world tuned in, his handpicked audience must have felt a bit short-changed knowing the event wasn’t as private a gathering as portrayed. Refusing eyes found the floor more engaging. More adoring eyes would pierce his soul in somber motherly unconditional love.

His carefully written and rehearsed apology was an obvious attempt to dispel Brit Hume’s right-on invitation to the forgiveness of Jesus Christ as opposed to his practice of Buddhism. The balm was appropriately applied to his mother’s heart in order to redeem the family faith.

Elin was exonerated even in her absence. I was not surprised by the decision for her to stay clear of the ceremony. Her heart has been shattered and will require much time to heal in order to greet the daunting media that awaits her return.

Accepting the entire brunt of the blame was a noble gesture. But, who else would have taken it? He would be hard-pressed to lay fault on his manager, his peers, his friends, his lovers, or anyone else for that matter. What Tiger did is a heart issue. An individual decision. One acts of his/her own free will when engaging in any act of sexual immorality, regardless of the chosen faith.

Tiger’s open-ended return date to the golfing world was of no great revelation. It was a perfect closing scene to his hand-caught-in-the-cookie-jar apology. His press-conference appearance spoke volumes of how he views his position in the industry – King. After all, Tiger Woods didn’t invent the game; he simply rewrote its rules. He introduced a different style of dress, a more egotistical win, and will have now established a whole new genre of acceptable moral standards for the profession.

All hail the King of Golf who kids will emulate. A reflection of how President Clinton’s escapades in the White House reshaped our children’s thinking on oral sex is a prime example of how impressionable such behavior is to our immature society – regardless of age. Forget the true giants of the sport – Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, Tom Watson, Lee Travino, Greg Norman, Fred Couples, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Payne Stewart, Phil Mickelson, and others.  No, they weren’t/aren’t perfect men. I’m quite certain there have been/will be skeletons revealed for some along the way. But I believe their attempt at redemption would liken the sport in a more honorable fashion – Gentlemen.

On a scale of one to ten, with one being the lowest and ten the highest in sincerity behind Tiger’s efforts, I would rate the staging of his performance a four. One point for each sincere gesture: 1) Sincerely sorry he got caught; 2) Sincerely sorry his mother’s upbringing of him was attacked; 3) Sincerely sorry Elin has challenged their marriage; and 4) Sincerely sorry he’s lost his status of fame and fortune. But never fear. Tiger Woods will be back. We are a forgiving people. And when sports and celebrities are involved, the scales of consequences seldom balance out.

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