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I love to love! It’s probably the one thing I do best. I take great pride in that. It’s a basic fundamental in my life. That nurturing part of me is a wellspring that flows constantly in my life. Some people operate more like a geyser …

I love to love! It’s probably the one thing I do best. I take great pride in that. It’s a basic fundamental in my life. That nurturing part of me is a wellspring that flows constantly in my life.  Some people operate more like a geyser where you can practically calculate the hour they’re ready to erupt with the idea of love, and it’s more like love on demand.  Me, I’m ready to lavish hugs and kisses and tickles and sprinkles of laughter on my grandkids at any given moment.  I love to lighten the load for my daughters by giving them a well-deserved break, which is just one of the ways I express my love for them now that they’re grown and have a husband to dote on them. I love hugging and snuggling up to my honey – Webby, learning about his day, and nestling in for some quality time with him.

What are you planning for your loved ones this year? What about for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps these tips will help you out. The important thing is to love. Don’t just say “I love you,” live it out.

  • Put thought into the gift. (Don’t wait till the last minute to grab something from Wal-Mart or Target or some convenience store.Give it some thought. Make sure you revisit some of the conversations they’ve had with you, or if you notice a magazine page ripped out with a circle around it, that’s a dead give-away!)
  • Make the gift personal. (This note is for the guys: A blender, vacuum cleaner, or any household appliance for that matter is
    pretty much a BIG no-no – for any season, but especially Valentine’s Day!!! Now, I’ll give it to you, some women love those kinds of gifts and wouldn’t be offended in the least with a leaf blower, but these women are few and far between. You should know your wife and how she’d react to such an offering of love.  And trust me, if you don’t, you’ll soon find out just how little you might have known about her tastes when you give her an impersonal gift! Remember: you get back what you give!)
  • Lingerie is a hot item at Valentine’s. When purchasing lingerie, regardless if you’re the husband buying for your wife or you’re the wife buying for yourself for his benefit, make sure it’s going to enhance the body that will wear it! (Don’t buy it because it looks great on the model in the poster! When a woman feels like a sex goddess, she’ll perform like one!)
  • A tip for the guys:  Jewelry is good – make it gold, silver, platinum, pearls. You can’t go wrong with GOOD jewelry. While good costume jewelry to accessorize is nice, it has to be JUST right to go with a certain outfit. Women usually do that kind of shopping themselves. We leave the “nicer” things for you to impress us with. Just in case you had to wonder about that one.)
  • Girls or Guys, if money is tight, like it is for many of us these days, be creative in your Valentine’s Day scene. In fact, all throughout the year, you can generate great woo-making nights for nominal costs with little to no effort, but it crafts memories that hang around for a lifetime.
  1. For instance: Dinner for two in the bedroom – (Hey, Guys, I have that outlined for you in Turning Her On and Keeping Her Heart. There’s a chapter just for you “Dinner For Two That You Can Do.” Whether you’re a less-skilled or a very-skilled chef, you can whip her up a meal that is sure to please both of you, and really impress your sweetie. There’s even tips about how to “decor” the night!  With the restaurants being so crowded and highly overrated price-wise, you can’t go wrong with dining alone … just the two of you … in the privacy of an exotic 5-star getaway – your bedroom!
  2. A priceless gift: Time! (Mark off a day that’s exclusively his/hers! Giving your spouse time is invaluable! That’s one thing money can’t buy – time; it’s just a huge part of you that you’re giving up. Who knows, she/he may decide to spend that day with you, but chances are, they just want to be … alone. Rediscovering their individuality is uplifting, refreshing, and replenishing! So, go ahead, give them TIME and allow them to regroup, especially if she’s a mother! Heaven knows all mothers need it!
  3. LoveNote Coupons: You can special order those from me by contacting me via email I love personalizing them for you. I have some VERY clever ones that you can place on the pillow. Or, for just a little over $1 per month, you can make Valentine’s Day last all year with a coupon book full of cashing-in vouchers for a special time each month, like this one: “An aroma therapy bath awaits you tonight. Just come in, and relax.” Or, make your own book of coupons. Women AND men love these unexpected pleasures all throughout the year.

  • Buy the books!! They’ve got lots of tips!! Keeping His Pants On Until He Gets Home for the women, and then, Turning Her On and Keeping Her Heart for the men are the perfect bookends for marriage. Economic Romance will give you “30 Ways for Lovin’ on a Shoestring Budget.” Make it an investment – not just a gift. Go to my website and get an autographed copy from this author.

For more information regarding Va-Va-Voom, visit the WebTV message on the home page. Go ahead, celebrate love. It waits on you.

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