What’s Up, Tiger?

You have to hand it to the guy.  He at least has the …

You have to hand it to the guy.  He at least has the gumption to admit he has committed egregious “transgressions” against his family. He even calls it “sins.” He fesses up that he’s just really messed up and wants to keep it private.  You know, I like that. It should be private. Amazing it has been such for the period of time Grubbs, the cocktail waitress mistress, contends the fling has been going on.  But here we go again … a public figure expecting to keep something like sexual misconduct “quiet.”

Why? Because it’s going to hurt his ratings? Get outta here! They only go up in today’s society. His sponsorship may take a hit? Don’t bet on that either. I did appreciate his comments that he would hope to begin some sort of reconciliation process (paraphrased) with his wife. That would be my fervent prayer – the two shall again become one.

Children do not deserve the consequences of infidelity. Nor do they deserve a mom and dad who are cold and distant, non-communicative, unloving toward each other, disrespectful and uncommitted to the marriage covenant. They’re precious in our Lord’s sight, and as parents, we are accountable for their wellbeing.

Another celebrity, and a sports figure at that, making his mark on our impressionable young people. Many boys and girls and men and women have looked up to this man’s poise, dignity, image, and his seemingly sparkling character. I, for one, will have a hard time cheering on a win for Tiger Woods on the golf course in the future. I’d much rather Woods prevail as a father and husband.

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